Full Life Cycle Recruiting

Job orders without traction are lost opportunities.

Get hold of recruiters with global experience and who can essentially be involved in every step of the recruiting process.

Full Life Cycle Recruiting

Job orders without traction are lost opportunities.

Get hold of recruiters with global experience and who can essentially be involved in every step of the recruiting process.

Sysgen RPO gives you access to remote recruiters located in the Philippines who can do full life cycle recruiting

Our remote recruiters are experienced in doing offshore recruiting for clients in the US, the UK and Australia. They have worked with US, UK and Australian staffing firms doing sourcing to actual on-boarding and posses the following skills

Supporting Clients

Providing qualified submittal to targeted job requests.


Understanding job requests.

Sourcing for Candidates

Using channels such as internal databases, job boards, and other social media sites.


Interviewing and evaluating candidates.


Conduct 1st level of assessment by calling and processing candidates to verify if position requirements are met and to check on their availability.


Format resumes meeting client expectations and provide pre-evaluation information.


Endorse qualified candidate profiles to Sysgen RPO clients for final assessment and matching.


Participate in job/skills calibration with the client whenever necessary.

Our Process

Full life cycle recruiting is the process a recruiter uses when placing a candidate. The process begins when the job requisition is taken and ends after the new hire begins his new position.


The ability to have a good understanding of job descriptions is a fundamental skill found in our recruiters.It is a key to success for all recruitment undertakings and is a means to creating a good sourcing plan and candidate map.

Resume Sourcing

With training and experience, comes the ability to identify required keywords and to create Boolean strings that yield the right candidates. Our recruiters can do sourcing using your ATS and all the major job boards such as Monster, Dice, and Careerbuilder. Passive sourcing using Linkedin and other social media sites is also a skill they possess

Screening and Phone Interviews

Where we put all our people skills to practice.  The part where we reach out to candidates and interact with them – selling the opportunity, checking their availabilities, and of course probing their preferences, experience, skills and suitability. A decisive stage for determining the candidate’s percentage fit to the job opportunity.

Candidate Endorsement & Resume Submittal

This is where we provide you a shortlist of candidates based on an agreed percentage fit. After careful screening, our recruiters will provide you with pre-qualified candidates for client submissions and who are willing to be interviewed.

Interview Coordination and Scheduling

Coordinating and scheduling interviews between candidates and hiring managers can be time consuming. Cancellations and postponements make this activity even harder to manage.

Presenting Job Offers

The home plate is in sight, and job offers are to be given. Our recruiters can present the initial offers by phone where they can discuss the terms of the employment and establish whether the offers are acceptable.

Placements and On-Boarding

Finally, candidates are hired and placed. Our recruiters can provide assistance in the on- boarding process covering pre-employment requirements such as background checks, candidate verification, and reference verification.

What our clients say about us

“We were looking to transform our current USA based centralized search model to an outsourced model offshore and we were able to build a flexible cost effective solution with a solid Sysgen team to support our USA and Canadian clients.

We feel Sysgen had the aggressiveness and drive to compete with CorTech against our 22k competitors in North America and when we had to make adjustments, Sysgen was there to adjust with us to create a quality solution.”

Vincent Rossy

CEO, CorTech

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