Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?


  • Resume Sourcing
  • Full Life Cycle Recruiting
  • Recruitment Admin Support
  • Remote Staffing
Where are you located?

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Central Business District of the Philippines.
  • Highest concentration of multinational and local corporations.
  • Home of a number of Fortune 100 Philippine offices.
How long have you been in business?


27 years

  • Incorporated in 1991
  • 27 years of IT staffing
  • Premier IT staffing company in the Philippines
  • Launched CAD outsourcing company in the Philippines
  • Launched RPO division in January 2013
How many people work for you?

182 for the whole Sysgen Group (IT Staffing, RPO, CAD, Remote Staffing)

What time do you work considering time zones?



  • Work is done during your time – e.g. night shift in Manila
  • For better coordination and collaboration
  • For better recruitment huddles
What job boards do you use?


3 Major Job boards (Monster, CB, Dice) + LinkedIn + Passive

Boolean strings, X-raying Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google searches, social media, etc. etc.etc.


What recruiting metrics do you use?


Resumes per day
Qualified submittals per day
Interviews per week
Placements per month
Gross profit margins


Are your Recruiters experienced in US recruiting?



  • Most have 2 years or more of US recruiting experience
  • Others are internally trained but tenured Sourcers and Recruiters
How much do you charge?


Not too much and you get your money’s worth.

Sourcers @ $ 1,800 a month
Recruiters @ $ 2,100 a month
Lead Generators @ $ 2,100 a month
(Inclusive of 3 Job Boards)


Do you understand American culture?


“The Philippine was governed by the United States for almost half a century from 1900 to 1946. Familiarity to western culture therefore comes as no surprise. It’s what separates the Philippines from other outsourcing locations. The great influence of Western culture in the Philippines is a very good advantage as an outsourcing destination.”

Do your recruiters speak fluent English?

“In the Philippines, English is a second language for a majority of Filipinos. The Philippines educational system is actually inherited from the United States and the medium of instruction is in English. As opposed to other countries, the English accent of Filipinos is more neutral. A “neutral accent” is defined as a way of speaking – tone and intonation – where people from any geographical location is able to understand you.”


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