What Our Clients Say About Us

Hear success stories straight from our clients.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Hear success stories straight from our clients.


“We were looking to transform our current USA based centralized search model to an outsourced model offshore and we were able to build a flexible cost effective solution with a solid Sysgen team to support our USA and Canadian clients.

We feel Sysgen had the aggressiveness and drive to compete with CorTech against our 22k competitors in North America and when we had to make adjustments, Sysgen was there to adjust with us to create a quality solution.

If you are going to engage an offshore partner, Sysgen would be a quality partner as the delivery, customer service and affordability is what Sysgen does really well.”

Vincent Rossy

CEO, CorTech

“We have a lot of open requisitions for some very tough to fill positions at many of our long-term clients in the technology sector.  While we have been very successful in filling these types of positions in the past, the volume of requisitions has grown to where we needed a cost-effective way to find, attract and hire the best talent.  Rather than hiring more local recruiters to help with the searches, we decided to explore an RPO solution.  After researching and trying out several RPO vendors from India and The Philippines, we decided to select Sysgen as our RPO solution.

Sysgen was very responsive in understanding our needs, and assigning a couple of senior level recruiters with excellent communication skills, and who were able to deliver excellent candidates for us.  We were able to reduce our cost per hire significantly by using Sysgen’s services.

The Sysgen recruiters who were assigned to support us were able to understand our technical requirements on some tough to fill requisitions, and find, attract, screen and deliver good candidates in a reasonable amount of time.  They were able to communicate with local target candidates enough to attract them to our openings.

The weekly status update reports and teleconference meetings that we have with Sysgen’s recruiters have made for a good working relationship where problems are addressed right away and we can smooth out processes that need attention.

For the cost of the Sysgen resources, you would be foolish not to give them a try.”

Edward Sayson

Client Solution Director, Techworkers

“We were looking for an alternative to an RPO provider that we “inherited” from India and we had heard some good things about the Philippines in general.

We saw immediate benefits due to a few reasons.  One, the individuals assigned to work with us had very relevant prior experience.  They understood our business, had experience working with the specific technologies that we use, and ramped up very quickly.

As to why working with Sysgen RPO was successful, I would have to highlight a few things:

  1. Generic to the Philippines, the language and culture fit well.  We already used offshore RPO services, so were not necessarily looking for a significant cost reduction versus US resources, but rather were looking for a better experience for our candidates.  As compared to India, our candidates are experiencing a better accent/language.
  2. Though the language and accent is better, I believe the similarity in cultures is an even bigger benefit.  The “cadence” of a phone call with our candidates is much more familiar than one from India.  This puts our candidates at ease, and results in a better quality conversation and screening.
  3. Sysgen RPO has done a very good job of identifying resources for us that are a match for our specific client needs.  They have listened to what we need, and have spent time to identify, recruit, and assign recruiters who are a good match for us.Spend the time with Sysgen leadership to be sure they understand what you need.  They will listen and deliver.  If pricing is similar, it is an easy decision over India.”
Ken Richards

CEO, Quality Staffing of America

“We needed some resources that we could use to work on jobs in other metros and across many different skillsets.  Because we were able to direct the SysGen RPO resources to the jobs we needed to have focus on for the day, we were able to attain better coverage for our clients.

Working with SysGen RPO was a success because once we figured out the type of resource that worked well on their side, we were able to ramp up quickly with resources that were able to keep up with our pace and quality of candidates.

We would definitely work with them again.  The only thing I would do differently this time is to start with Submittal and Interview incentives to ensure we had the quantity and quality of candidates that we needed to satisfy our clients more quickly.”

Director of Operations, A Staffing Company in Missouri

“I have been very impressed and pleased with the services received from Sysgen RPO. When sourcing candidates, Jimmy asks all the right questions to ensure the candidates we interview have the skills we are looking for. We have an excellent team of analysts that understand our business, have great coding skills, and are able to operate at a very high level in executing to strategy. It’s a very successful offshore partnership with Sysgen.”

Abbie Logsdon

Reporting Manager, FacilitySource

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