Thanksgiving is an American holiday that isn’t normally celebrated in the Philippines. In fact, we are just one of the few Filipino families who actually celebrate it by having turkey. Thanks to my father who brought home the tradition after completing his Actuarial Studies at the University of Michigan in the early 1950s.

Every year at Thanksgiving, we set aside some time to think about what we are thankful for. And we give thanks. This year is no exception here at Sysgen RPO.

As head of the Sysgen RPO family, I feel it’s important for me to share a list of things I’m thankful for this season, both personally and on behalf of our team.

Fast-growing Sysgen RPO family

First and foremost, I am thankful for a dynamic and motivated team at Sysgen RPO. Our team is, undoubtedly, at the core of our success.

Without them, we wouldn’t be who we are as a company and wouldn’t be able to do the great work we do.

Plus, they are a seriously fun group!

Terrific, collaborative clients

We owe the success of our offshore RPO engagements to the willingness of our clients to truly collaborate with us. We are grateful beyond words for the trust our clients afford us. This trust has allowed us to totally be transparent with regard to recruiting issues.

Thank you for working with us in addressing recruiting issues we commonly and mutually face.

Abundant and continuous flow of job orders

Another measure of trust is the number of job orders our client entrust us. Thus our gratitude to all of our clients for trusting us with all your job orders – from the simplest to the most complex.

Offshore recruiters are commonly gauged by the number of daily submittals they produce. Our clients’ continued trust, as demonstrated by the abundant and continuous flow of job orders, means that we are doing a terrific job in meeting their people needs.

All thanks to excellent Sysgen offshore recruiters and our collaborative clients!

High and improving quality of submits

With submits come the question of quality. Do we have quality? Thankfully, we do! And this is another reason we are thankful this year.

Our high interview ratios are indicative of the quality of the talent we endorse. Hence our deepest gratitude to all our clients and Account Managers who have done a good job in vetting and “selling” candidates, and convincing hiring managers to interview a candidate.

More and more placements!

We know we did a job well done when we finally place a candidate. For, in the end, the real return on investment comes from actual revenue and the impact it brings to a client’s bottom line.

It is truly gratifying that our clients continue to recognize us as a viable answer to the never-ending question – How do we increase revenues and cut costs?

We continue to value our clients’ continued business with us and we vow to return their trust to us by delivering the familiar, topnotch Filipino service.

Continuing appreciation of the Filipino recruiters

Much has been said about the English speaking population of the Philippines and our inclination towards quality service.

We thank all the clients who have said: “your English is perfect” or “you have impeccable service” – being acknowledged for it is so very gratifying.

A vibrant economy and a promising future

Overall, we are thankful to investors and firms who are looking to open their shared services centers in Asia for making the Philippines their No. 1 choice.

Thanks to the Philippine governments – both past and present – for their effort to maintain a stable and predictable economic growth; more and more businesses are coming in.
Ultimately, thank you to the Filipino recruiters who have perfected the craft of providing topnotch offshore RPO services.

I speak for all of the staff and recruiters at Sysgen RPO when I say we are most importantly thankful to our friends and family. Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to do the great work we do for Sysgen RPO and our clients every day.

From our families to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


Jimmy Roa
President and CEO, Sysgen RPO