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Ken Richards, President of Quality Staffing of America, visits Sysgen RPO, its offshore RPO provider in Manila.

Makati City, Philippines | 5 December 2017 – Sysgen RPO, an offshore sourcing and recruitment process outsourcing provider based in the Philippines, welcomes Ken Richards this week. Richards is the President of Quality Staffing of America, a staffing firm in Atlanta, Georgia and client of Sysgen RPO.

In an exclusive chit chat session, Richards highlighted how this visit gives QSA the opportunity to get an idea about how close the Philippine culture is to the American culture, the sheer hustle-bustle of the city, and, most importantly, how the team of recruiters in the Philippines working with QSA works to reach overarching business goals.

According to Richards, the primary goal of his visit is to align the metrics of engagement between QSA and Sysgen RPO — to better monitor how both parties are achieving common goals. “We live on the other side of the world so it is very important that we know what’s going on in here,” Richards said as he emphasized the importance of trust when engaging with and choosing an offshore recruitment and sourcing partner.

Richards also emphasized the value RPO providers give staffing firms like QSA. He notes that while QSA’s conversion rate is among the highest in the staffing industry in the US, a big part of that achievement is due to its partnership with RPO providers across the globe.

“We don’t have any internal recruiter so all our recruiters is through an RPO model. We can’t achieve that success without an RPO provider like Sysgen RPO,” Richards added.

Asked what his Top 3 metrics are for assessing the perfect RPO provider, Richards said “quality and quantity of delivery at a good cost, and trust’ is a good combination.

From working inside the premises of Sysgen RPO and to checking out the local food places – Richards loved every bit of his short stay at the city.


About Sysgen RPO

Sysgen RPO is one of the leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers in the Philippines. We provide offshore sourcing and offshore recruiting services from Makati, the Philippines’ premier business district.

We are a member of the Sysgen Group – a mutually reinforcing group of companies founded in 1991 to provide IT Consulting, IT Staffing, and IT-enabled services such as CAD Outsourcing.

Our mission is to provide staffing organizations with quality offshore RPO services making use of experienced and well-trained recruiters from the Philippines. Through true commercial partnership we become allies in achieving cost savings, process improvement, and greater time for your core business – generating revenues.

Sysgen RPO works directly with staffing organizations all over the world by providing offshore sourcing and offshore recruiting services. We currently support customers in the US and the UK that use Sysgen RPO for recruiting efficiency and cost efficiency.



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