RPO is one the fastest growing section of Human Resource’s Outsourcing Market. It originated in North America, but many countries around the globe are now adopting this business outsourcing model.

Everest Group reported that countries in the Asia Pacific are growing at a rate faster than in any other regions—Philippines is among these countries with a thriving RPO industry and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Many staffing firms from all over the world are now outsourcing their recruitment processes to the Philippines.

They are starting to recognize the Southeast Asian country’s business potential for its skilled human resources, cost-efficient wages, modern IT and supportive outsourcing government policies.

In finance, HR, procurement, IT and others sectors, the Philippines is the first country of choice for foreign investors and firms interested in opening their shared services centers in Asia, according to SSON Analytics.

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Benchmarking and Talent Analysis of ASEAN Shared Services Centres 2016. Taken from SSON Analytics.

This influx of foreign clients led to RPO industry in the Philippines developing into a robust industry.

Now, many recruitment firms are already settling in Manila and other cities in the country. Philippine RPO firms offer different recruitment services, and each may have their own strengths in certain areas, but they are still united in the goal of giving foreign clients first-class Filipino service.

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Are you searching for a Philippine RPO provider to partner with?

This article will discuss the major players in the RPO industry in the country for you to determine how the RPO industry is faring in the Philippines. These large-scale to medium-scale firms are considered as the best in the country.

Let’s find out who they are.

Major RPO Providers in the Philippines

Sorting through all RPO firms in the Philippines can be an overwhelming task. Having to go through more than a dozen RPO websites and reading about their services can have you mentally exhausted by the end of the day.

You may end up throwing in the towel and just settle for the safest choice but not necessarily the best suited RPO firm just get it over with.

To save you from making hasty choices, we already did the researching for you. We compiled the major RPO firms in the country based on longevity and industry knowledge, market visibility and specialization.

How we Selected the Major RPO Providers

For longevity and industry knowledge criteria, the RPO firm is judged based on how long it has been in the industry. While it does not necessarily mean that the older the RPO firm is, the more knowledgeable it is, it still can not be denied that there are things they can pick up during their stay in the industry.

As for market visibility, this pertains to how active the firm is when it comes to promoting their company, how customer friendly their websites are, and how interactive they are when it comes to connecting with their audience.

In terms of specialization, this has to do with the services they have to offer. RPO firms in the Philippines offer a range of virtual recruitment services and some of these services they excel in.

The RPO firms that are mentioned here are the old standing and most knowledgeable in the industry, the most visible and the ones with specialized services. However, do take note that this list does not come in any hierarchical order.  

PSG Global Solutions

PSG Global is one of the biggest players in the RPO scene in the country. They pride themselves as the “world’s largest and fastest-growing provider of outsourced recruiting support”. They aim to bring onshore performance to the table but with a significant decrease in costs by way of offshore frontline resources.

They’ve been in the recruitment business for decades, and have been optimizing their recruitment delivery framework for 8 years. They also have a strong number of employees working for their recruiting centers in the country.

Their years in the industry along with their recruiting resources have given them deep expertise on RPO. They’ve been using this knowledge to reduce risks for their clients and ensure value-driven delivery services.

PSG Global RPO Services

As for their services, they offer sourcing, screening, VMS Recruiting, full life-cycle recruiting and administrative support.

  • Sourcing

PSG Global’s researchers source qualified candidates according to their clients required criteria. They visit free and fee-based job boards, looking for resumes, and prepares an already screened set of candidates for their clients to evaluate.

They go through deep web searches to identify qualified candidates who are not actively looking for employment. PSG Global then delivers the candidates’ contact information to the client.

  • Screening

Recruiters screen qualified candidates from online job boards such as CareerBuilder and Monster. They can also go through job postings’ responses and arrange a phone call just to ensure that the singled-out candidate is still available and interested in the client’s job opportunity.

After identifying an interested candidate, PSG recruiters can then pass on their information to the client’s recruiter or fix a schedule for a phone or in-person interview.

  • VMS Recruiting

The VMS recruiting program of PSG is typically the same as the screening services they offer but once they identify an interested client, they immediately submit the candidate’s information into the end client VMS.

  • Full Life-Cycle Recruiting

Full life-cycle service can be considered a package deal of all the other previously mentioned services. But this goes further by also taking charge of the onboarding process and provides an ongoing contractor management.

Sysgen RPO

Sysgen offshore RPO was built on January 2013 but quickly grew its list of clients of staffing organizations in only under 6 months.

Currently, most of Sysgen’s clients are involved in information technology while the rest are under healthcare, engineering, accounting, pharmaceutical, business services, customer service, biotech, finance, and logistics.

Sysgen clients are based all over the world, ranging from Missouri, Atlanta, Silicon Valley, and the UK. Sysgen works directly with clients who are looking to take advantage of Sysgen’s recruiting efficiency and cost-efficiency.

These diverse group of clients are aided by experienced and well-trained Sysgen employees. They enjoy the benefits of Sysgen’s modern IT, and their employees’ deep knowledge of virtual recruitment support services.

Being a member of the IT Staffing company Sysgen Group, which has been in the business for 27 years, Sysgen RPO’ IT related services in the recruitment process are effective and built on many years of development.

As one of the leading RPO in the country, Sysgen RPO provides offshore sourcing and offshore recruiting services with a personal touch.

Sysgen RPO aims to build meaningful commercial partnerships with its clients—an enduring relationship rather than a buy-seller relationship—to achieve continuous process improvement, focus on core functions, and generate revenues.

Sysgen RPO Services

Sysgen RPO services include providing virtual recruiters based in Makati, Philippines who can perform offshore sourcing, offshore recruiting, and full lifecycle recruitment for clients in US and UK.

Metrics used can be in the form of resume submittals, interviews, and placements, which clients can enjoy depending on the decided business agreement.

  • Full Life Cycle Recruiting

The full life cycle recruiting that Sysgen provides starts from researching and reviewing the job descriptions that the clients are demanding for.

Sysgen’s virtual recruiters then source resume through the use of required keywords and creation of Boolean strings to find the right candidates. The candidates then go through the first level of assessment and are screened through phone interviews, and are shortlisted. Resumes of shortlisted candidates are formatted by Sysgen to meet the clients’ expectations and to provide pre-evaluation information.

The clients receive the list of pre-qualified candidates who are available for interviews. An interview between the candidates and the hiring managers of the clients are then scheduled.

Once the candidates receive the approval of the client, Sysgen can present the initial job offer by phone to discuss the terms of employment and to give the candidates the time to establish whether the offers are acceptable. Finally, if both the candidates and clients are satisfied with the terms, the candidates are hired and placed.

Sysgen can also provide assistance in the on-boarding process covering pre-employment requirements such as background check, candidate verification and reference verification.

  • Resume Sourcing

Sysgen RPO resume sourcing services can include ATS and database resume sourcing, finding and attracting passive and active candidates from social media and focus groups and boolean string sourcing. Job boards and search engines are used as a medium to source qualified candidates.

Boring and repetitive tasks of resume gathering and reviewing can be passed on to sources from the Philippines, hence giving the staffing client more time to deal with qualified candidates.

  • Remote Staffing

Sysgen RPO also offers remote staffing services to clients all over the globe by sourcing, recruiting, and hiring the staff the clients demanded for and then remotely locate them from Sysgen RPO offices in the Philippines.

Being an affiliate of a 27-year-old IT staffing company Sysgen, Sysgen RPO has access to a database of wide and competent talent pool in the field of IT, Engineering, and Design Process.

This service allows for a flexible filling time for the client’s resource requirements and also allows for cost efficiencies. This can include quick ramp up schedule, having a dedicated remote staff that can work exclusively on the clients’ projects and having a local number for the clients’ country for easy communication.

  • VMS Recruiting and Admin Support

Sysgen RPO VMS Recruiting services allow for recruitment velocity, which means faster speed and more urgency in the recruitment process. Because of different time zones, having 24 hour recruitment activities is possible, giving staffing firms an edge over their competition.

For clients who want to do away with mundane but critical recruitment tasks, they can avail Sysgen RPO admin support services.

This includes tasks such as sales generation, creating and posting job advertisements on job websites, formatting of resume, record keeping of all candidates, and background checks.

Staff Virtual

StaffVirtual is among the leading RPO firms in the Philippines. Their employees ranged from fresh graduates to seasoned experts with years of experience. They help both foreign and domestic firms with the recruitment process, either short term or long term.

Their services can include providing firms with an executive recruiter, HR generalist, technical recruiter, recruiting coordinator, HR assistant, payroll check, compensation, and benefits specialist and training and development specialist.


24HRPO arms itself with a professional team of headhunters from different regions of the Philippines. Their roots come from a basic concept of offering HR solutions 24-hour business.

They opened their first operations in 2008 and started with five staff of professionals dedicated to providing recruitment process outsourcing services.

They did sourcing of candidates and formatting of resumes for their California-based staffing firm client. And in 2009, HRPO partnered with a medical staffing company, finding them nurses and other healthcare professionals.

They create specialized programs tailored to fit the clients’ needs. Their recruitment solutions are tapped on by companies with a focus on IT, Aerospace and healthcare.

Their mission is to provide excellent recruiting services for the changing demands of their clients and at the same time help professionals advance with their careers.

24HRPO Services

  • Front End Recruiting

HRPO recruiters use Boolean Strings in sourcing candidates through job boards and social media. They can also conduct candidate interview by asking the candidates 5 questions tailored according to the client’s criteria. They also format resumes as required by the clients’ specifications.

  • On-Boarding Services

This includes profile enrollment, endorsement, and welcome call. HRPO’s team creates candidates profile and encodes all information needed in your system.

They also do pre-scheduling for drug screening, physical examination, and other necessary background checks. They may endorse a list of completed pre-employment requirements to the client’s team to make sure that the client is ready to work on the scheduled start date.


RasoSolutions offers offshore based recruiting and sales services that are cost effective and high quality. They are one of the RPO firms in the country that offers business consultations.

They highly invest in their management team, process, and technology. It’s a young RPO firm but they boast of over 100 years of combined recruitment background.

RasoSolutions Services

  • Job board Sourcer/ Recruiter

Clients can hire 1 member or have a team of sourcers from RasoSolutions who will mine job boards for the talent skills that the clients are looking for.

RasoSolution sourcers are well trained in Boolean searching and can file resumes for delivery.

Clients can also hire 1 member or a team of expert recruiters from RasoSolutions to recruit candidates for them. RasoSolutions can call the candidate on behalf of the client, screen candidates, and rank candidates based on the skill required by the client. And present these candidates to the client by emails.

Final Thoughts

RPO in the Philippines is continuously growing. More and more foreign clients are outsourcing their recruitment processes in the country. It’s a thriving industry, and the success of the different RPO firms in the country is proof of this.

These firms offer an array of recruitment services such as sourcing resumes, screening candidates, and setting interview schedules. These tasks are done virtually and are made possible because of the Philippines’ modern IT.

Some of these RPO firms have been around for more than two decades, while some have been in the industry for less. With the old firms still in the business, and the new ones opening shops, this gives the clients more options to choose from.

In the end, the RPO firms in the country have several capabilities that can cater to your varying degrees of needs. And knowing that these services are going to be delivered by top-notch Filipino talents, you can rest easy and focus your energy on growing your company and getting ahead of your competition.

What are your thoughts on the services offered by RPO firms in the Philippines? Let us know! Leave a comment down below.



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