Products and services become successful when there is a compelling reason to purchase them. That is… when they evoke interest, attention, and admiration in a powerfully irresistible way.

Having been in the staffing and recruitment industry for the past 25 years, we are constantly seeking for ways to increase candidate pipeline and placements. Successful staffing companies make it their business to find new ways to source candidates and recruit them with the ultimate objective of improving fill rates and hit rates.

The emergence of offshore RPO, specifically resume sourcing and recruiting support services, has now given staffing firms an alternative strategy in building up a candidate pipeline. If done correctly, it can have a great impact to a staffing firm’s bottom line.

The need to increase revenue while maintaining cost efficiencies, has been the compelling reason that staffing companies in the US and other developed countries have considered offshore RPO as a viable alternative.

Specifically, the reasons (and benefits) of engaging an offshore RPO provider are as follows:

Reduce cost immediately – Financial reasons for offshore resume sourcing and offshore recruiting is to immediately generate cost savings. It is not unheard of that staffing organizations realize cost savings of 40% to 60%. Cost efficiency is created from savings on manpower costs, job boards, ownership costs of computer hardware and software, and other related overhead expenses. The impact to your bottom line should not be ignored.

Access to qualified and well-trained Sourcers and Recruiters – Offshore RPO providers may be an excellent and inexpensive source of Sourcers and Recruiters. Offshore sourcing and offshore recruiting services gives you the flexibility of filling your recruiting requirements very quickly while allowing you to benefit from the cost efficiencies of hiring remote recruiters from countries like the Philippines. The ability to cost effectively ramp up with qualified recruiters can be a limiting factor for staffing organizations. Recruiters who can perform based on a staffing organization’s KPIs are often difficult to find quickly. Offshore RPO providers may offer ready access to qualified recruiters who can augment your recruiting needs with high-level recruiters at affordable rates.

Provide recruitment velocity – The key to offshore RPO is recruitment velocity. Simply stated, an offshore RPO provider may add speed and urgency to attaining the right talent at the right time.